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Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Club

Mini Lop Standard
Annual Mtg. Minutes

Minutes of the Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders Club
Annual Meeting - June 4, 2005

     The meeting of the Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders Club was called to order by President Belinda Carlin at 7:25 P.M. in Lufkin, Texas. Officers present were: Belinda Carlin, Pres.; Sheryl Valadez-Vieyra, Vice-Pres.; Theresa Farrow, Secy.-Treas.;  Directors present were:  Pearl Nettles, Sandy Sawyer, and Conni Maggard.  Directors absent were: Pat Becktold and Melanie Lindwall.
     Roll was called with 23 members present.
     The minutes of the June 5, 2004 meeting were read and approved . The Treasurer's Report showing a balance of  $1572.93 was read and approved.  The treasurer said that this does not include the income from tonight's show.
     Election of officers for odd numbered years include the Secy.-Treas. and 3 directors.
Directors terms expiring are Pearl Nettles, Sandy Sawyer, and Pat Becktold.
     Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer were opened.  Theresa Farrow was nominated and elected by acclamation.
     Nominations for Directors were opened.  Pearl Nettles, Sandy Sawyer and Janice White were nominated and elected by acclamation.
    The officers of the Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders Club Are:
President - Belinda Carlin ; Vice President - Sheryl Valadez-Vieyra
Secretary-Treasurer - Theresa Farrow     Directors:  Pearl Nettles, Sandy Sawyer, Janice White, Conni Maggard, and Melanie Lindwall.
     The Secretary read a letter from David Kabella inviting us to hold a specialty show with the Bay Area Rabbit Breeders on January 21, 2006, in Port Lavaca.  Judging tables will be furnished by Bay Area.  The Texas Mini Lop club will be allowed to place a pair  or trio of Mini Lops in the raffle with the proceeds going to our club .  Our portion of the judging fee will be $1.25 per rabbit judged.   Motion made and passed that we hold a show with Bay Area RBA.
      Our annual Mini Lop Show and meeting will again be held in Lufkin on June 3, 2006.
     Texas Rabbit Breeders State Show Breed Chairpersons will be Chelsea Maggard for Youth, and Sandy Sawyer for Open.
      Discussion on our Mini Lop Constitution was held.  It was decided that we need to make some changes to make our Constitution more workable.  President Carlin appointed a  Constitution Committee as follows:  Sheryl Vierya, Sandy Sawyer, Virginia Valentino, Theresa Farrow, and Belinda Carlin.
     Discussion was held on the awards the club gives for our shows and the State Show.
It was decided that we would give Cash awards and a Certificate for the State Show of  approximately $200.00  and trophies for the shows in Port Lavaca and Lufkin. The price for the trophies to be around $15-$16.
     The National Mini Lop Club has appointed Sharon Woolery to be their Supply Chairman.  She had  the supplies with her and said that she would also carry some to the shows.  If you want to order just contact her. 
     Meeting adjourned at  8:05 p.m.
Submitted by Theresa Farrow, Secretary

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