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Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Club



All of us in Texas are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the members of the Mini Lop Club of America. The Lone Star Club is planning a wonderful Convention and Show for the American Rabbit Breeders Association as is your show committees in your club. 

The orginial hotel we had booked for the Mini Lop Headquarters was sold right out from under us.  The new hotel is:
Green Oaks In
1-817-738-7311 (local)
The rates are $79.00 a night.
There is map on the web site.

The cut off date is September 1, 2006. After that the rooms will be on an as call basis. Because of the entire state of Texas assisting the hurricane victims, hotel rooms are still at a premium. Since F.E.M.A. just extended the time period in which the government will continue to pay for hotel rooms, it is expected to continue to be a problem for a while. Although the outlying, more economically priced motels are the ones most affected, booking your room early is still a must.

 We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you here. It will be exciting to see old friends and making new ones. Getting to view and maybe even feel of some really great Mini Lops. Good friends, great rabbits, wonderful food and unbeatable fellowship are what makes going to the Rabbit Shows and Conventions so much fun. If you’ve never been to a convention, you really need to make this one your first. We’re waiting for you.


Beverly Massegee

Hotel and Banquet Chairperson









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