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Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Club

Mini Lop Standard
Annual Mtg. Minutes

The Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders Club
Constitution By-Laws

Article I
The name of this organization shall be The Texas Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders Club.
Article II
The objectives of this club shall be: To maintain, improve, and promote the quality and popularity of the Mini Lop; to develop and create greater interest in the Mini Lop; to distribute general information to the public and rabbit breeders regarding the practicality of the Mini Lop for fanciers and exhibitors; to affiliate with other organizations for the advancement of rabbit breeding in general.
Article III
Any person of good character and reputation may make application for membership by submitting one year membership fee to the Secretary-Treasurer of the club.  Membership shall be acknowledged by the issuance of a Club Membership Card and a copy of the Club Constitution and By-Laws.  All membership applications ( new or renewal) shall be subject to the approval of the membership committee and any application rejected shall be returned to applicant, membership included. 
Application for life membership may be submitted after three (3) or more years of continuous membership in this club.  The fee for life membership shall be Fifty Dollars (50.00).
Article IV
This club shall have the authority to make such laws, establish such rules and adapt such regulations as may be necessary for the government of its members,  to require members to obey its mandates in all matters pertaining to the Standard of Perfection and ethics peculiar to the industry, and to inflict such penalties as it may deem necessary for the disobedience of its will.  Roberts Rules of Order shall be considered as the final authority for this club on all questions not specifically covered by the Constitution and By-Laws.
Article V
Any member suspected of dishonesty in business dealings or in the obedience of all show rules and regulations stipulated by the American Rabbit Breeders Association shall be examined by the Discipline Committee which may, by a two-thirds vote, suspend or expel the member.

Article VI
Officers of this club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and five (5) directors.  Not more than three (3) officers can be chosen from the same county.  These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the club.
Article VII
Qualifications of Officers
An Officer of this club mist be a member in good standing of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and The Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America.  He should also be actively breeding and showing Mini Lops in Texas.
Article VIII
Duties of Officers
The President shall preside at all meetings of this club, and act as chairman of the Board of Directors, and perform other duties as usually pertain to his office. He shall have such other powers as may conferred upon him by the Board of Directors.  He shall be an ex-officio member of all boards and committees of this club.
The duties of the Vice-President shall be the same as those of the President, in the event of the absence or disability of the President.  He shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.
The Secretary shall receive all monies and conduct all correspondence of the club, notify members of meetings, keep an accurate record of all minutes, and perform all other duties which may be required.  He shall report all monies with the proper records to the Treasurer.  He shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.
The Treasurer shall accept and keep a record of all monies turned over to him by the Secretary.  He shall pay all outstanding accounts and itemized bills authorized by the Board of Directors.  He shall be prepared to report on the financial state of the club at any called meeting.
The Board of Directors shall carry out the decisions of the club and transact all necessary business for the welfare of the club.  This board shall appoint a sweepstakes secretary.
Article IX
Committees of this club shall consist of:  Membership Committee, Discipline Committee and Show Committee.
The Membership committee shall review all membership applications and report to the Secretary their acceptance or rejection.
The Discipline Committee shall review all charges of misconduct and report their decision to the Board of Directors.
The Show committee shall be responsible for all shows conducted by this club.  All business relative to the rules, regulations, awards, places, time, dates, ect. shall be the responsibility of this committee.
The Membership Committee, Discipline committee, and Show committee shall consist of three members, one of which must be on the Board of Directors.
Other committees of a temporary nature may be appointed or elected as they are needed by the club.
Article X
Annual membership fees shall be four dollars for single and seven dollars for husband and wife combination.  Members who do not renew within fifteen days after expiration date on their card shall be dropped and continuous membership will cease.  Long term membership may be acquired at sixteen dollars for five years single and twenty eight dollars for five years husband and wife combination.
Youth may become members of this club for one dollar per year, provided they have not reached their eighteenth birthday with all rights and privileges except voting.  Upon their eighteenth birthday they must purchase adult membership in order to remain active members.
Article XI
Election of Officers
President, Vice-President and two directors shall be elected at the first scheduled club meeting in even years and the Secretary-Treasurer and three directors shall be elected at the first scheduled club meeting in odd years.
Article XII
This constitution may be amended only by a two thirds majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting with at least twenty five per cent of the membership present.  The membership must be informed in writing of the proposed change at least thirty days before such meeting. 

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